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Printing and Cut & Press Graphics

In recent years the garment industry have pushed boundaries with materials. Using the latest sweat wicking clothes and new soft shell materials has created parallel development in print embellishment techniques. You must have the right inks, on the right media, set with the right pressure at the right temperature... It can be a minefield! Fortunately with their years of knowledge and experience, the Monmark team are able take all that stress and confusion away.

For print production of 10 to 10,000 garments, Monmark has the answer.

You tell us what graphic you have, the garments you like and in what volume you want it and we’ll do the rest. This is all part of the Monmark free consultation and quotation process!

There are many methods to achieve the durability, wear-ability and style you're looking for. Any of the Monmark team can talk you through these, but please find below a few pointers.

Heat-Sealing or Cut & Press graphics.

This is the method of embellishment most commonly associated with the names and numbers on the back of football shirts and team wear alike. These days it’s moved on considerably and can now be used to create multicolored, complex, detailed graphics. Monmark would replicate your artwork using the worlds leading software, outlining each different colour element, cut these elements using computerised pressure sensitive plotters and apply them to your chosen garment. There are some striking materials available for this process. Vinyls, Foils and Flocks all have their own unique looks and tactile appeal.

Monmark would recommend the Heating Sealing process for names, numbers and single colour applications in small to medium volume.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing enables Monmark to apply a picture perfect image on to any number of garments, with any number of properties. The process uses a special substrate media to hold the inks before application to your chosen garment. This means that once pressed and cured, the inks are virtually part of the garment. Transfer printing is very versatile, the process allows your sports wear to be light and retain their moisture wicking properties. This allows you to present your logo left breast on company jackets without losing the garments waterproof nature. It’s durable and can depict small graphics and text with great definition.

Monmark would recommend Transfer printing on sports wear, outer wear, waterproof and parlour wear and on garments where the properties of the material are of utmost importance. One of the advantages of transfer printing with Monmark is we can handle any volume you require!

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the choice if you are talking volume. Utilizing Monmark's design know-how, this process allows great quality and detail in multicoloured designs that are virtually indestructible. You’ll recognise the final effect from nearly all commercial T-Shirts in the shops today. The set-up fee is where the hindrance lies for the smaller volumes. Artwork needs to be sized and set into screens, each colour within the given design needs it own screen, artwork and press & dry time. Runs of 100 plus are possible economically with a one or two colour press. Screen printing can be made more versatile by using the same print on a number of team or promotional garment types, mix & match style.

Monmark would recommend the Screen Print process for T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweats that are required in volumes of 100 plus in total.


Monmarks in-house brand Ruggur is a winner in the field of bespoke sports sublimation. The sublimation process enables you to print literally anything you like into a poly-fabric before its tailored. This allows seamless graphics only limited by your imagination. The detailed, indestructible print finish can be sublimated on to any number of specialised fabrics, fit for all sporting and team wear needs. From a skin tight modern sweat-wicking Rugby kit, to the latest breathable stay cool Tennis kit this process is perfect. From your junior team to the professional club, your design can be bespoke crafted by Monmark's in-house experts for Rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Basketball and all Racket Sports. We can even sublimate your teams running vests and training gear, uniquely to your needs. A major advantage of sublimation is that you can print any number of sponsors or team logos at no additional cost. It’s a “One Price” print process*. An additional advantage to sublimation is the materials. Fit for purpose with the latest properties these garments are made from the best quality spun polyester allowing a soft to touch cotton like feel.

Take advantage of our Monmark free consultation and quotation process!

Monmark recommend Sublimation for all sport kits where a unique high quality finish is required. From your junior team to your professional club.

Artwork and Set-Up

Set-up costs vary from process to process. They can be free! Monmarks team will be able to advise once your specific requirements have been assessed, however it is safe to say that the better the artwork you can supply as a starting point the cheaper the set-up will be.

Set-Up and design services are available from free to £60 per hour for a bespoke service (An average bespoke design taking 4 hours to conceive and set-up). Free consultation will be given on initial contact to advise of likely overall cost.

Artwork is best submitted in an adaptable EPS format. Though our design team can work from Jpegs, Tiffs, PNG’s PSD file format, or even the back of a beer mat!

*Sublimation: One Price print process. The print cost is the same throughout the given garments specifications. No hidden or extra cost for additional print capacity.

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